Solar Water Heating

The Energy Systems Group’s above-board reputation as an authorized distributor of the Solahart water heaters and geysers in use for over a century comes from the improvements and incorporation of sophisticated technologies and better design engineering. Solahart is a market leader and transnational brand operating across all the world’s 5 continents, with sales service and distribution centers in the major cities around the world.

Solahart geysers lower your energy consumption and save money by up to P6000 (US $750) annually, because harness the sun’s energy to heat water. The geysers are a product range designed for the world’s climatic needs and aquatic qualities, reducing greenhouse gas emissions; up to 4.5 tons per system annually.

Solahart geysers are made up of two components: tanks and the panels. While on one hand the tanks store the water, on the other the panels absorb sun’s radiation to heat the water.

How it works

Solar water heaters use the ‘thermosiphon principle’ for heating the water. The tank is filled with cold water and the panels are filled with heat exchange fluid (hartguard).  Heat is absorbed in the panels and transferred to the hartguard that rises to the jacket, located around the complete storage tank.

The hot hartguard will then heat the water inside the storage tank. However, the thermosiphon effect stops when there is no sunshine, and hot water is retained in the storage tank.









Hartgard® heat exchange fluid circulates around the closed circuit using the “Thermosiphon” principle. As it passes around the storage cylinder heat is transferred to the stored water.

Solahart water heaters come in different sizes: 180L, 300L and 440L.

We also offer training on solar water heating